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Indian inspired jewels are exactly the elegant and exotic twist you need for a charming outfit. Ethnic jewelry is indeed a perfect idea if you want to give your look a boho-chic yet innovative style.


The beauty of Indian jewelry lies in the craftsmanship involved in creating unique and intricate designs. Since ages, Indian craftsmen have studied and practiced the art of making extraordinary jewels out of stones and metals. At the same time, Indian jewelry has recently increased its popularity due to its capacity to absorb Western influences and to mix different cultures. The old tradition has grown into something modern and globally accepted, yet elegant and unique. Here you will find a perfect mix of Eastern magnetism and contemporary inspiration.

Malini’s jewelry offers indeed a perfect combination of tradition and modernity. In fact, our fashion jewelry treasures the ancient consideration of jewels as a precious element of the person’s identity, revealing his or her spirituality, belongingness and rank. Jewels are thus strictly personal and individual, a means through which you can express yourself, your personality and your style.


In addition, our collection of earrings, bracelets and necklaces are entirely handmade, thus enhancing the vintage charm of ethnic jewels. Our artisans use various materials like bone, silver metal, resin and stones, which are one of the most important element of Indian jewelry, with gold and metal often serving only as support and frame.


On the other hand, you can choose from a wide variety of shapes and colors to create a contemporary, urban and outstanding look. Earrings are perfect if you need to make your face look different and shine according to the shapes (for example rectangular or fish-like) and the materials (with stone or without stone). Earrings have indeed the power to add the final touch to your look, complete the outfit and catch everyone’s eye.

Bracelets are equally charming, since their history dates back to prehistoric times, growing more and more precious and valuable and evolving into many different designs, decorations and symbols. The beauty of our bracelets is given both by the inspiration from the tradition of North India and the elegant and naive brightness which shines from the colorful stones.

Among necklaces, in the end, you can find an explosion of different styles. However, you won’t be let down if you’re looking for a vintage allure or a modern taste. With these ethnic necklaces, you will find beauty in imperfection: irregular shapes, inaccurate welds, overused material and hammered metal are the charming characteristic of these entirely handmade Indian necklaces. If you prefer a contemporary yet artistic look, modern necklaces are equally unique. Handmade in professional laboratories, you will love their tribal yet innovative inspiration.

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