"LA DOLCE VITA" by Malini

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"LA DOLCE VITA" by Malini
Are you ready to go back in time and live with Malini the golden years of “La Dolce Vita”?
No...don’t worry, you won’t deserve anything except allowing Malini bringing you through the past.
Imagine waking up on a July day of the late 50’s ... we are in Italy and everything around you is life!
There is a totally carefree atmosphere, everybody knows that wealth is there ... and there is nothing to worry about.
These are Italy’s golden years, those of “La Dolce Vita”, when everything is great.
That’s also paparazzi era. They never miss out anything, always ready to immortalize the moment forever ...
....let’s see the candid shots!
Malini really wanted to recreate a ‘50s atmosphere, and to do, decided to clothe its muse Katia with a dress from its collection,
characterized by simple, feminine lines that enhances the woman’s body showing all its elegance and sensuality.
The taste of this dress’s vintage leads us straight to the past. 50’s inspiration is clear, past means a lot to Malini and never stopped
inspiring him.
The beauty of this dress is not an end in itself, it is a dress born to give value to women. No matter details, nor texture or material,
the female figure is the unique real protagonist.
Body’s imperfection are hidden, and curves are highlighted, exactly where they have to. Showing legs has never been easier.
Then just show off the decolté, without exaggerating.

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