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Do you think that floral patterns are ordinary and unoriginal? Flowers could be instead the perfect element to give your wardrobe a unique twist. In fact, floral motifs are incredibly versatile and ready for you to give them your personal interpretation. Ever since, they have been a universal symbol of femininity and have carried deep meanings, which can hit other people through your outfit. There is indeed a language of flowers, through which you can express your style and feelings: happiness, melancholy, dynamism, strength. Malini’s floral dresses, blouses and scarves are here for you to create an elegant and romantic boho style, or to add an exotic and contemporary element to your look.
shabby chic pattern
In fact, floral patterns gained their popularity in the fashion industry in the 19th century, but they originated many centuries before in the Eastern world, from where they made their way to the West. Malini’s floral production treasures an Indian inspiration, but offers all the modernity and versatility of fashionable floral prints and embroidery. For example, with our florals you can model your outfit on a hippie and 70s style, on a Liberty and boho style, on a casual style, on a country style.
embroidered flower tunic
You will find large or small floral prints, mix-match florals, or just a floral accent, and you can choose between realistic flowers, perfect for a younger woman, or stylized and abstract florals, which convey a sense of modernity and boldness. Sweet and romantic flowers will give you a ultra-feminine look, but you can also opt for a more fashionable option: abstract floral printed blouse are perfect with a pair of jeans for a more high-fashion appeal!
roses on black background
Given this variety, there are many opportunities to get it more right, but also more wrong! Don’t worry, Malini is happy to give you a piece of advice about getting floral as you want, considering color contrasts, size and modernity. When floral motifs are big and bold, they express a dramatic, confident and powerful personality, while small and itty-bitty flowers express a more feminine, warm and softer presence. These effects also depend on the contrast of the print, which influences the resulting scale of the flowers: more contrast is preferable for large scales, while less contrast is more suitable for smaller scales. Also, the density of the floral print affects the general outfit: sparse and lingering flowers have a larger effect, while dense floral prints have a slimming effect.
So, just enjoy Malini’s combinations: be they multicoloured or monochromatic, floral prints are always great linking pieces between the other colours and elements of your outfit, or they could be the protagonist of your next stunning outfit.

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