What is the only thing that, big or small, mono or multicolor, a woman has that can contain everything
she might need, and you will always find alongside a woman? ... No girls, I’m not talking about men but
about that accessory that makes you feel like home....yes, your bag!

Boho style bag

It is known that for all women their bags reflect a part of themselves, of their personality. And this is the reason why, each of us,
has an infinite number of options, wisely kept in the closet but ready to wear for just the right moment.

Malini suggests 4 maxi bags, each with its own personality but all with something in common: handmade and made with love,
made of pure and very durable cotton, suitable to contain everything a woman can carry with her.
... and now, no more chatting, here the fantastic 4!
Here is the real candy of the collection, doesn’t it inspired sweetness only by watching it? The Candy Bag is a display of femininity
and, why not, of vanity! Not afraid to dare and mix colors and sensations in a perfect match ... however the bag can afford it... and
you? Taste it if you dare!!

candy bag cotton canva bag

If your soul is more eccentric and psychedelic, if you are a festival boho girl and you are not afraid to be noticed, PureFluoLove
is your maxi bag. Very modern in color but with a vintage heart that you can discover in details like handmade embroidery and
leather handle. If “Life is color” is Malini’s philosophy, this maxi bag is its symbol!

pure fluo bag cotton canva and embroidery

You don’t like compromises, for you everything is either white or black, you were born under the sign of the rebels, do not accept
orders but only advice, and you do not even need it so much because you feel good by yourself. The GeometricalBag reflects your
personality... strong and statuesque, it speaks for itself.

geometrical bag boho style

Class is part of you, there’s nothing to do, you have that elegant charm of Audrey Hepburn that accompanies you from morning
to night and you don’t even realize it, and this is your magic. Beautiful and graceful, never over the top, always appropriate at any
time, spreading class and elegance with your simplicity. Then the Tie & Dye Blue & White is just for you, class is never enough
and can only result in a simply perfect style.

tie&dye blue&white

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