Boho chic : the elegance of nature

Stile e Tendenze

Here you have some hints: relaxed look for free spirits, ethnic inspiration, colorful or even kaleidoscopic dresses, natural fabrics, ecological conscience. A true fashion classic. What is the fashion style that best corresponds to the description? Well hippie style, of course!

At least once in a lifetime, anyone’s attention has been attracted by a hippie inspired outfit. Born between the 60s and 70s in the counterculture communities around San Francisco as an alternative way of life and way of dressing, the hippie style was brought into fashion system by Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld in the 70s, who gave to this nonconformistic style a luxury interpretation and opened the way to endless fashion revivals. After a moment of decline at the end of the 70s, hippie style came back on the most famous catwalks of the world starting from the middle of the 80s.

Nowadays, hippie fashion is the protagonist of the most acclaimed music festivals in the world. On these occasions, stars and models often wear hippie, boho-chic or naïve tunics, kaftans, long or short dresses and accessories. Along these fashion events, hippie style is also one of many women’s source of inspiration for daily outfits that need to be charming and cozy at the same time.

But how to avoid the old clichés about that Seventies love-and-peace culture? Hippie way of life and hippie fashion can be still inspiring today and into the city environment if we treasure the idea of freedom from roots and hope in a reinvention of life, with a strong connection to nature and to the sense of community. And if we continue to love natural and soft fabrics, prints with vivid colors, irregularities of the shapes and tribal jewellery.

So even though casual glamour with ethnic inspiration has served fashion past and present, there are two modern ways to dress hippie in this period according to Malini:
This is a free spirited and refined style perfect for relaxed but elegant personalities. Malini’s shabby-chic dresses and colorful mini dresses follow every woman’s silhouette according to discretion and freedom principles. A fluttering scarf, as well as a pair of handmade ethnic earrings, a bracelet or a necklace, complete the look giving a unique touch of class.
This is a more natural style for true “flower children”. Nonconformistic, revolutionary, but with sweetness, freedom and devotion to nature. Malini’s maxi pants, kaftans, sarongs and shirts are perfectly decorated with psychedelic or floral patterns and with tie & dye techniques. Finish your look with a refined ethnic accessory and a unique fabric bag. And remember, Malini always uses high quality materials made of 100% natural fibres.

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