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Don't have scarves in your closet?

Know that something is missing from your outfit!

wool scarves

The scarf is a very simple accessory that can really make a difference and radically change your look. In theory we are talking about a simple band of fabric to be worn around the neck useful for sheltering from the cold.

Today the scarf is considered a very versatile accessory, created with different types of fabrics, with many shades of color, and easy to combine with practically everything.

The Malini style is now known for being unique, sophisticated and at the same time contemporary and trendy.

Thanks to these qualities we are able to create a collection of innovative wool scarves with craftsmanship and hand-made prints and embroidery following traditional Indian techniques.

All this is combined with European flair to create something special.

Thanks to these combinations we are able to create a sophisticated and elegant mix between East and West.

The use of the scarf

Times and fashions change, evolve and today the scarf has become something trendy, it is appreciated by trendy young people because it is an eclectic and trendy accessory.

wool scarf

Malini's scarves thanks to their mix of traditions, cultures and processes are able to create something that has no time, that will never go out of fashion, because it is unique in its kind and will always be.

In addition to the eternal beauty of the workmanship and its colors, the scarf also has a very specific purpose: to make the person more elegant. In addition to being useful, it manages to protect from the cold and wind without neglecting comfort, style and the sweet sensation of being wrapped in a warm embrace.

Malini's scarves and shawls are the perfect gift!

They can be used for their fundamental utility or to stand out with class and elegance. Our accessories are a gift that has always been a huge success. They are simple but not trivial.

Thanks to the refined taste, the craftsmanship and the selection of colors, it is a refined and unique gift of its kind.

The scarf can be used on any occasion.

• It is loved by hardened travelers because they can carry it or store it anywhere without difficulty and extract it if necessary

• It is loved by those who want to give a sparkling touch to their look, managing to create a trendy and refined outfit

Comfortable and elegant use of women's shawls and scarves

The scarf is the right gift for any occasion. Its comfort makes it the ideal object to be worn as soon as the first cold weather arrives but also for mid-seasons or cooler days.

winter scarves

The Malini wool scarf can be worn in a simple and comfortable way, by the youngest in a carefree and non-binding way, by passing it twice around the neck.

The scarves are enveloping, warm enough and become the protagonists of your look!

With Malini you have the opportunity to put the shawl or scarf at the center of the scene because the oriental colors combined with the European taste make them spectacular in anyone's eyes.

The wool scarf is a winter “must have”!

Malini scarves with their handcrafted textures are an object that can distinguish you by highlighting your face making it brighter.

Nothing can beat the classic pastel colored wool scarf that can be combined with any garment and adapted to all situations. The brightly colored shawl instead gives a plus even when you prefer to dress in dark colors typical of the cold season, giving your outfit a balanced and pleasant chromatic result.

Why choose Malini?

Malini offers its customers a unique, particular object, not a trivial accessory that you can buy more or less anywhere.

These are craftsmanship that seeks an accurate and original style while remaining versatile and adaptable to all ages and styles.

winter wool shawl

The Malini women's scarf is an ideal gift to tell someone how much it is worth to you, to make them feel pampered and telling them, without speaking, that they deserve a unique and special accessory like her.

Malini is a trendy brand, for anyone who has good taste and wants to pamper themselves with warm shawls and scarves with a soft touch.

A Malini gift is suitable for any occasion, even when you simply want to take care of someone, because it is these items that make both occasions and people special.

Malini's high-level craftsmanship is recognized by anyone who loves fashion and elegance, by those who notice the details, by those who are fascinated by the colors of the East and by all those who love to travel to places that have ancient traditions to tell. .

Just like scarves do, when worn, Malini shawls are able to tell a story rich in tradition and respect for the environment.

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