Wool Scarf - WAPI
Wool Scarf - WAPI
Wool Scarf - WAPI

Wool Scarf - WAPI

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Thanks to the autumn pattern, the scarf is the perfect companion for the warm loooks of the season. The dark and glittery colors match any look making it perfect for those who are always in a hurry but want an impeccable outfit. The cashmere print, the tree leaves and the chromatic contrast they create make the scarf the perfect accessory for a street look. Finally, the fringed hem gives rock accents to the outfit making it look modern and super chic.


COMPOSITION: 100% wool

DIMENTION: 70 X 180 cm + 1 cm EyeLash Fringe

SEASON: 3 Seasons- Spring, Autumn, Winter

SHIPPING IN 24\48 Hours 

DELIVERY IN 2-3 Days Worldwide Express Courier

PRODUCTION POLICY: Eco friendly and Fairtrade




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