The Hidden Enemy of Fashion: Polyester

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In the world of sustainable fashion, there are significant challenges to face.
One of these challenges is avoiding the widespread use of polyester and its derivatives in clothing.

In our commitment to more sustainable fashion, we want to raise an important talking point:
Shouldn't we consider polyester illegal in textile clothing?

Polyester: A Hidden Enemy

Many clothing manufacturers in a very vile way mix polyester with noble fabrics, trying to camouflage the presence of this poison inside the fibers.
The use of terms like "poli-cotton" or "poli-silk" creates the illusion of premium materials. This, however, is an act that undermines what is good and wholesome about fashion.
It's like poisoning what we have left that is authentic and healthy.

Sustainability and Quality

Our mission is to promote craftsmanship, nature's beauty and authentic quality.
Choosing natural and sustainable materials is essential to keeping the value of sustainable fashion alive.
Polyester, in all its forms, is our common enemy.
We admit that it is not easy to compete with a fiber that costs a tenth of natural fibers but we must educate consumers to understand the quality and the health and economic advantages they have.

Join Our Battle

We are not alone in this battle.
Many brands and consumers are recognizing the importance of making conscious choices in clothing.
Our voice is strong, and together we can make a significant difference.
It is an invitation to all of you to choose carefully and be aware of the materials you wear.

It's not a trend, it's a mission

Sustainable fashion is not just a trend; it is a mission that involves the future of our planet.
In this context, polyester and its derivatives should be treated with caution, and we should seriously consider banning them in textile clothing because they are toxic to humans and the environment.

Our passion for sustainability and quality drives us to share this belief.

Join us in the fight against "polyester poison" and together we can contribute to a more sustainable and conscious world of fashion.

What actions can you take to combat polyester?

The actions we can do to contribute to the extinction of this evil are simple:
1-check the composition label and completely avoid polyester or its derivatives even if the percentage presence is minimal

2-make yourself heard, write, ask if they have garments made of natural fibres, if brands are attentive to their customers they will listen to you and make better decisions.

3-don't buy for the low price when you see items at rock-bottom prices ask yourself what is behind the creation of this product.

This article offers a deeper perspective on the issue of polyester in clothing and encourages readers' active involvement in the cause of sustainable fashion.
You are the change, fashion manufacturers will follow you if we give a strong signal against polyester.

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