Abbinamenti di colore: niente più segreti!

Color matching: no more secrets!

How many times have you arrived late, standing in front of the mirror and trying to choose the right color combination for you and your outfit?
And how many times have you opted for the same old color combinations you are used to and dreamed of beautiful rainbows?
Knowing how to match colors is important-it can make or break your outfit.
What you also need to know is that you can actually let your imagination and outfits play with more colors than you think.
Here are a couple of Malini's tips on the secrets of perfect color pairings.

Color combination malini

The basic idea is to match opposites and combine contrasts in a cohesive and interesting way.
This is what painters do and what you can do as well, just as Malini does when he produces his dreamy color collections.
Matching colors in the right palette creates cohesion, and contrasts make clothes look more interesting. In fact, colors have the power to generate emotions and create associations between them.

When you mix primary colors together, for example, you immediately create a bold look and express a strong personality.
Think of blue and red, for example, on a summer dress or a business suit: the effect is the same, and it is the immediate communication of a free-spirited and joyful woman.
However, when these pairings are likely to be overdone, primary colors can work just as well for a monochromatic look.
Styling an outfit using a single color or similar colors, if done correctly, looks modern and chic.
This color choice also has the advantage of streamlining the body.

Your body shape, skin tone, and occasion are good criteria to consider when choosing to mix different complementary colors in the wide range between monochromatic and opposite combinations.
Nothing beats a dreamy pink and yellow sarong for summer or an elegant gray and purple scarf for cold weather-your day would immediately look more interesting and dynamic.
Have fun mixing different complementary colors and their emotional associations: think green and pink.
While green expresses emotional balance and is a flattering choice for all complexions, pink-as the color of the year-is a sophisticated choice that adds a sweet touch to outfits and a twist on nostalgic florals.

Pareo Sarong color combination

Sometimes, however, situations call for more subdued and moderate looks.
Here, of course, neutrals can come in handy: black, white and gray, but also navy blue, brown, tan, cream, beige and khaki. They can be paired with any other color (or together) acting as fantastic backgrounds for touches of color that you can add to liven up your style. Inside every outfit is always a rainbow waiting to shine!

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