Brand Ambassador Program

Do you like our brand philosophy? Do you want to promote our products and make money?

We are looking for people who want to get involved and help us in the change we want to bring to the fashion industry.
This is an ambitious, difficult, but necessary project!
If you think you have good communication skills and have the same ideals, help us spread our products created following the principles of:

- Eco-sustainability

- True handicrafts

- Fair Trade

- Supporting eco-sustainable projects to reduce CO2 emissions

More is coming soon 😊

If you too feel the need to change, come join our community, join other people who have embraced our philosophy,
already includes travelers, travel bloggers, fashion designers, influencers, bloggers, vloggers, TikToker, Pr.
Many different people but with the same ideal and goal, want to see and be the change in the fashion world!

How do I make money?

We don't ask for your effort to help us without giving you a reward,
but mostly for contributing to the change that can save our planet!
The system is simple, the only requirement is to have a PayPal account to receive the money

- Sign up for the program for free (we will make a selection to partner with people really in line with our principles)

- Create your own discount code to share.
This code will give your friends/relatives/followers a 10% discount on their purchase.

- If you use your discount code you will automatically receive a 15% commission on your PayPal account. (Excluding discounts, shipping, taxes, refunds)

How can you take action to be successful?

Promote our brand, our products, our philosophy on your website and on any social channels or blogs.

Share our brand / ads / advertisements

Share your referral link or discount code (important)

Create blogs / Vlogs and product reviews.

How do we help you with our influencer program?

We know that creating content for social is not easy, in fact it is often very difficult, but for this don't feel alone, Malini is by your side.

- We offer you as a gift 1 garment/accessory of your choice
(our team will help you choose).
This is to make sure you can touch the quality of the materials, observe the workmanship up close, and understand the world of Malini craftsmanship

-Our blog is an important source of information to understand how to explain the product. We cannot expect you to be an expert in craftsmanship, and that is why our blog can be an extremely useful tool to help you understand and get your product understood and promoted to the best of your ability.

-Using the tags indicated in the welcome email is critical because it allows you to join the Ash group and tag us.
All this allows us to share your content and support each other! Unity is strength!
Not to forget the ashtags to use are:
#malinishop #maliniworld #lifeiscolor
to tag us use: @maliniworld
Of course, as always, don't hesitate to ask, our team is at your complete disposal

-Visit our social channels, you can share our posts (always tag us and using ashtags) this is an easy way to propose our product and it is very effective 😉

-Last but FUNDAMENTAL point is to always put the discount code and where possible also the link in every post/share/video/link Anywhere 😊
thanks to this you will receive your well-deserved 15% commission

Ready! How to get started?

Sign up for our influencer program HERE

We will review your social and communication channels and activate your account if you see fit.
Upon approval, you will automatically be provided with the referral link and discount code!
Please share like there's no tomorrow 😊