Discover the eclectic world of Malini: an online shop of Indian dresses fused with European style

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If you are looking for something unique, eclectic and different, Malini is the perfect online shop for you. is an online shop offering a fusion of Indian clothing and European style.
The result is a unique, vibrant and diverse shopping experience.
You will find a constantly evolving ( not expanding ) catalog and this thanks to the continuous research that the founders of Malini do. Here you can find bright colors, embroideries, craftsmanship, all seasoned with a strong conscience for eco-sustainability and fair solidarity .
Malini collections celebrate the beauty and versatility of Indian culture and fusing traditional Indian patterns with contemporary European cuts and styles, we create a range of striking and versatile garments that will take you through casual outings and formal events with ease . We promote the reduction of consumption so you will find only limited collections with us we do not produce millions of pieces the philosophy is to buy little but quality that lasts over time.

The inspiration of the Malini models

Art Director Malini Rajini Chandran

Malini was founded with the belief that Indian fashion should be discovered by everyone, all over the world . The founder, Rajini Chandra, together with her son Sanjiv d'Emilio tour India in search of artisans and ancient cultures. Thanks to this research.
As mentioned in our previous articles, the brand was created to stay out of the rules and dictates of fashion, we don't follow trends, we don't try to keep growing productions, but we try to teach a fashion alternative that is eco-sustainable , fair trade, happy and unique. Rajini is the soul of the brand , she was born in southern India in Kerala and has an eclectic creativity. She has a deep love for the rich and diverse culture of India, since her childhood she has been able to discover various corners of India by living in various cities.
Her designs reflect her lightheartedness and desire to create , they are inspired by her travels in India and her love for vibrant colors but at the same time she also pays homage to Italy, the country where she found love and gave birth to 3 children.

The versatility of Malini's garments for casual and formal occasions

Malini's collection is versatile and perfect for any occasion, whether you are looking for something casual or formal. A simple shirt can be combined with a pair of heels and eye-catching jewelry for a formal event or with jeans and sandals for a casual day. The range of colours, models and styles available in the online store manages to provide you with a range of ideal products to enrich your look.

Malini's commitment to ethical and sustainable fashion

Founder Malini Sanjiv d'Emilio

Malini is committed to ethical and sustainable fashion practices. All of its garments are handcrafted by skilled artisans in India, to ensure they are made with care and attention to detail. Malini also uses sustainable and ecological fabrics, such as organic cotton and silk. This commitment to ethical and sustainable fashion practices makes Malini a responsible and conscious fashion brand that you can feel comfortable supporting.
Sanjiv d'Emilio the co-founder of the brand and son of the designer is very scrupulous in the research of materials, in the selection of suppliers and has an innate passion for design, for the research of the rarest and most complicated craft techniques. He mainly deals with the administrative and marketing part but with a commitment aimed at eco-sustainability. He personally takes care of the production following the various productions around India and in the future hopefully also in other countries.

Customer reviews and experiences with online shopping

Malini has received rave reviews from customers around the world.
Customers have praised the quality and craftsmanship of Malini's garments as well as the unique and eclectic designs.
Many customers have also appreciated the brand's ethical and sustainable fashion practices.
Overall, customers have had a more than positive shopping experience and have recommended the brand to other friends as well.
This is a sign that the concept of scalability and eco-sustainability can go hand in hand and create the change that Rajini & Sanjiv want to create in the fashion world.

Style tips to integrate Malini garments into your wardrobe

Inserting Malini brand garments and accessories into your wardrobe is easy and fun.
You can mix and match different pieces to create a unique and eclectic look. For example, you can pair brightly colored palazzo pants with a simple blouse for a bold and festive look. Or, you can layer a blouse over a pair of jeans and add a scarf for a more casual and comfortable look.
The possibilities are endless and the versatility of Malini garments allows you to create a look all your own.
We don't impose our look, on the contrary we prefer that our garments help you recover garments that you have abandoned in the wardrobe, creating a nice combination, in such a way as to encourage reuse and give new vitality. We try to create a lifestyle not a fad!

Malini's future and its impact on the fashion industry

Malini's unique blend of Indian and European styles has already made an impact on the fashion industry.
Malini's commitment to ethical and sustainable fashion practices has set an example for other fashion brands to follow .
With its continued growth and communication, Malini will no doubt continue to influence and shape the fashion industry in a positive way.

Come and explore

Malini celebrates the beauty and versatility of Indian culture with the fusion of traditional Indian designs and contemporary European styles.
Malini's commitment to ethical and sustainable fashion practices, as well as its dedication to craftsmanship and quality, make it a responsible and conscious fashion brand that you can feel comfortable supporting.
So what are you waiting for? Explore the world of Malini and discover the beauty of Italian-Indian fashion and feel part of a new lifestyle

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