Sun Love & kaftan

Sun, love and caftans

You are on a beach with the sunset and the breeze.
You're packing to go home, ready to go out again for a perfect summer night and have dinner with the sound of waves in the background.

mini kaftan caftano corto

But wait, you don't have much time to change your entire look.
What do you know how to do?
Now you look at yourself and remember you're wearing that caftan you love, the one you just bought at Malini's.
You've been out all day but it's still fresh, bright and makes you feel so glamorous. It's the perfect summer look! Your summer night is suddenly solved. All you have to do is take a shower, comb your hair to bring out the beach waves, put on a pair of stilettos, and put on your caftan.
Versatility seems to be the secret of caftans.
Beach caftans never lose their functionality, nor do they go out of fashion. With the right accessories you can transform your daytime look into an elegant outfit.
That's why caftans are a summer must-have in every woman's wardrobe!
It has been so since the 1950s, when Christian Dior and many other designers introduced and popularized the caftan style, whose long tradition dates back to ancient Mesopotamia and is typical of Africa and the Middle East.
Elizabeth Taylor even chose a silk caftan as her wedding dress!
Since then, caftans have been a wardrobe essential for countless movie stars and the jet set.
Stars and celebrities show up wearing caftans wherever and whenever they want to make an unforgettable impression.
Can you imagine yourself, with your Malini caftan fluttering in the warm wind, calling attention to your figure and making yourself the center of attention?

There is no style truly flattering to a figure like the caftan. Fluttering in the wind and reflecting sunlight, caftans wrap around you, discreetly highlighting your shape: much is left to the imagination, as the eyes of others cannot quite make out the figure beneath.
By adapting to the shape of your body or the shape you would like your body to have, kaftans are a fashion statement that always makes you look your best.
This is also true because Malini caftans are . Entirely handmade from 100% pure cotton. This quality material makes them super lightweight, washable, practical, and durable.
In addition, the patterns and Malini's caftan designs are inspired by a free-spirited woman, combining Indian and Italian style, modern attitude and classic elegance.
It's up to you to color your summer with polka dots, paisley patterns, romantic leaves or tie & dye art techniques.
Let Malini's caftans create a flawless look in the blink of an eye and bring out the best in you!
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