Returns, Exchanges and Refunds

The return or exchange of the same item purchased (if available) is completely free of charge, but only and no later than 14 days after receipt of the package (The date of receipt is the date issued and recorded as delivered by the courier).

Any return or exchange of the same item will take place exclusively:

  1. after receiving the package at our warehouse in Via Dei Pestagalli , 27 - 20138 Milan - Italy
  2. Upon verification of the contents by our staff.

Our staff will check if the products have been returned in good condition. If present damage, wear and tear or mistreatment, no refund or exchange will be made.

Exchange of goods will be made only for the same item purchased, if in stock, otherwise we will issue a refund. Exchange can only be made once for free, subsequent exchanges will not be free.

Refund is also completely free of charge!

The refund will be made by crediting the amount to the payment method used for the balance of the order, so if you paid with Paypal we will issue the refund through Paypal.

For more information or questions, our customer service department is available to you at

How to proceed for return or exchange (of the same item)?
If you want to proceed with a return or exchange (of the same item) no problem, just follow these simple instructions:

  1. Send an email to, indicating in the subject of the email the purchase number or write to us with the same email with which you made the purchase on the site. Write us your reason and how you want to proceed: return or exchange. It is important to tell us all the details that need to be reported to the courier: time - morning / afternoon - phone number - address
  2. Properly store the item in the same box you received it in if you can or otherwise use a similar cardboard box, making sure it is a sturdy box and not too bulky.
  3. Our customer service department will send you an email with a PDF sheet attached that you should print out and apply to the unopened package.
  4. Place the sheet visibly so that the bar code is readable.
  5. The courier will come and pick up the package in the next 24 hours. Sometimes it is the courier himself who will contact you to coordinate with you directly.
  6. As soon as our warehouse receives the package and the inspection staff gives approval, we will handle your return or exchange request - the time frame for refund or exchange varies but we will keep you constantly informed.

Instructions for packing your return/exchange

delivery instruction
Why is there no phone number?
Shipping, return and exchange is only possible via email in order to have a clear and accurate history of messages between you and our customer service department.