Avete mai sentito parlare della Seta della pace o Seta Ahimsa?

Have you ever heard of the Silk of Peace or Ahimsa Silk?

Peace Silk is an organic silk created according to the Ahimsa philosophy.

farfalla butterfly

Ahimsa silk is an ethical and sustainable alternative to conventional silk.
It was created following the Ahimsa philosophy, a Sanskrit term meaning "nonviolence."
This philosophy encourages us to live in harmony with all living things and respect nature.
For the production of this silk, Silkworm cocoons are not boiled or steamed, as this would kill the pupae inside.
Instead, the cocoons are collected after the pupae have emerged, allowing them to complete their life cycle and become beautiful butterflies.
This method is also known as "vegan silk," as no harm is done to the animals during the process.
Peace silk or Ahimsa silk is an organic and sustainable fabric that is softer, stronger and more durable than regular silk.
It offers an ethical and moral alternative to conventional silk, which uses harsh chemicals, dyes and bleaches during the production process.
It also has a more luxurious and shimmering feel as the pupae secretions help create a unique texture and shine.

What is Ahimsa philosophy?

Ahimsa or nonviolence is a Sanskrit term referring to a philosophy of nonviolence.
It is followed as a path to achieve spiritual and moral development. Ahimsa is also described as the absence of cruelty, respect and kindness toward all living beings.
Ahimsa is part of Indian religions such as Hinduism and Jainism, and is also found in other religions such as Buddhism and Sikhism, as well as in Western philosophies such as humanism.
Ahimsa is also called the science of non-violence, an attractive and compassionate way of life, which has received special attention in Indian culture and religions.
In ancient times it referred not only to nonviolence toward other human beings, but also toward animals, plants, and all forms of life.

From Ahimsa philosophy to silk

Silk is an incredibly ancient material, the creation of which dates back to 3000 BC. This exquisite material was highly valued in ancient China and India and still has the reputation of being one of the most luxurious products. In the past it has been used for a variety of purposes, from religious practices to clothing, and has always been considered a noble and expensive item in noble courts.
Silkworms are the primary source of silk, and the process for obtaining it sometimes involves boiling live worms before they turn into butterflies. In this way, the silk thread remains intact.
The Ahimsa silk philosophy emerged from the cruelty associated with silk production, By supporting the harvesting of silk without harming the silkworms.
We at Malini are committed to preserving this principle in an age when violence is abominable.
All stages of production are done by hand and not by industrial or digital technology.
Small imperfections are imparted by human hands, which adds a valuable touch as it gives a human touch of craftsmanship and It gives a soul to the product.

Ahimsa in the West

Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi was the first to introduce the concept of ahimsa, a bond shared by all religions, to the West.
There were many forerunners who embraced the notion of civil rights and made it their own. Martin Luther King, a famous civil rights activist for the African American population, was inspired by this ideology. He was an advocate of peaceful demonstrations against violence and destitution globally.
It is fascinating to note how ahimsa was eventually integrated in the West through activities such as yoga and meditation, inspiring many to approach Eastern culture and explore new philosophies.
A remarkable illustration of this phenomenon is Nonviolent Communication (CNV) devised by Rosenberg.

We wanted to introduce and remark this philosophy through fashion.

Come and admire the Scarves we have created from this wonderful fabric, you will be incredibly amazed by their beauty and dazzled by their majestic luster

Come and admire the splendor of the scarves we have made from this extraordinary material 100% pure Ahimsa silk.

You will be absolutely amazed by their elegance and mesmerized by their captivating splendor.
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