Our commitment to the environment

Hi, I am Mario Sanjiv d'Emilio, I am the owner and founder of the Malini brand.
Here I will explain the actions that I and my company are taking to make this planet a better place.
I created my company from a few simple passions and principles:
- A love of traveling and discovering new artisans, new forms of art and culture
- Working and doing business with serenity and honesty and supporting fair trade.
- Participate in projects that protect nature, safeguard the most endangered species and improve the ecosystem

Our philosophy is to strive to be the change we wish to see in the world.

Thanks to our clients who share the same ethos, we are able to fund projects that care about changing the world and succeeding in making it better. Our strategy is to start with small steps to achieve big results.

It doesn't demoralize us to know that we are a drop in the ocean; we are happy to be part of the ocean and strive to be the change.

We look for strategies and solutions to fight pollution and protect the ecosystem.

We have compiled a short list of projects we support.
In addition, we will always keep this section updated to let you know that it is because of our customers that we can make it possible! And be part of the change.

What are the concrete environmental actions implemented by the Malin brand?

Through a wonderful partnership we are supporting various projects to reduce our CO2 emissions to 0. Click on the Up2You logo to see a map of the projects we support that will allow us to reduce our CO2 emissions to 0