Come lavare le sciarpe di lana per renderle fresche e pulite?

How to wash woolen scarves to make them fresh and clean?

Keeping wool scarves in good condition is essential to prolonging their life. Proper washing and storage will keep them looking their best.
A natural fiber like wool needs special treatment to keep it clean and fresh.

How to wash them without risking ruining them?

Hand washing:

lavaggio a mano hand wash

Wool garments should be hand-washed or at least put in a warm basin the important thing is never to exceed 30°/40° and mild detergent.
It is very important that the water temperature does not change during rinsing, so perhaps to make washing easier use cold water.
Instead of using ordinary laundry soap, it is preferable to use a product specifically for cleaning woolen garments or at least a mild soap, very little is enough do not overdo it.
It is very important that the liquid soap is not a harsh soap, natural fiber garments could be ruined. It is best to wash the wool scarf in lukewarm water. Hot water can shrink the wool and cause the color to run off.
To dry, do not rotate or wring it out violently but compress it between your hands so that all the water escapes; to be even safer you can lay it on top of a clean, dry towel, roll them together and compress a little.
To dry permanently after the above steps you can lay the scarf on a drying rack but not near heat sources and not in direct sun is important.
Do not soak, the longer the scarf sits in water the more it will spoil

Washing machine:

lavaggio in lavatrice washing machine

When washing a wool scarf in the washing machine put a gentle cycle, with a mild soap, no spin cycle, if the scarf seems very delicate wash it by hand or in a professional dry cleaners Dry cleaning.

Dry cleaning:

lavaggio a secco dry clean

Dry cleaning is the best way to clean wool scarves, but it is important to note that not all dry cleaning chemicals are suitable for your garments.
If you decide to go this route, choose a detergent recommended for wool cleaning.

When in doubt, wash your wool scarf by hand with a mild detergent.
If you have a reputable dry cleaner, the best thing is also to entrust it to them for a lprofessional dry cleaning.

Caring for your wool scarf to make it last forever

Before putting the wool scarf away make sure to air it out well after each use to avoid mold and bacteria growth.
If you want to store it in the closet, to keep it for the next season proceed with one of the above washes and then it isimportant to store them inside a tissue paper bag to prevent them from being attacked by wool moths.
To be even safer we recommend cleaning the empty closet with specific products to ward off wool moths and secure your garments and accessories to give them an everlasting life.

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