Lana, una fibra senza tempo

Wool, a timeless fiber

wool processing

Wool: a precious and ancient fiber, versatile and irreplaceable, it has been produced since ancient times.
To obtain it, in fact, it is sufficient to shear the fur of animals such as: sheep, goats, rabbits, camels, antelopes and Tibetan oxen.
Each of these animals gives us different types of yarn with different qualities and characteristics.

The yarn is obtained from the wool fiber, or rather from the raw material that comes from the mantle of these animals.
We are therefore faced with a 100% natural fiber.

In ancient Greece, as well as since the Iron Age, wool was predominant.
The first shears to be able to remove wool from animals appeared in Roman times, while it is in the Middle Ages that this material had the greatest diffusion.
The peoples of the desert teach us that woolen garments are very useful even under the sun, because they keep the body dry and at a stable temperature .

Wool, this wonderful textile fiber is insulating and waterproof, has always been our ally during the winters and at the same time it is breathable.
It is also easier to work with than plant fibers.

wool fleece shearing

Over the centuries, wool became a bargaining chip throughout Europe, as well as a large-scale textile material.
In the 19th century, thanks to the Spaniards who carefully selected the cattle, the marketing of merino wool began.

Even today, to obtain a yarn, several steps are faced:
- Shearing: the fleece is separated from the animal and is then purified and washed.
- Carding: The wool is untangled and combed.
- Spinning: finally, the wicks are stretched and stretched, carefully wound to form the spindles through the spinning machine

At this point the wool is ready to arrive at the manual loom of our artisans , ready to take the rhythm and start beating on the loom to create wonderful winter accessories.
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Some curious characteristics of wool:

- The wool fiber is composed of cuticles and a central body known as the medullary canal.
- Generally it has a color tending to Beige, often amber, with shades ranging from ivory to black.
- It is a particularly soft, elastic fiber, which is why it is considered very versatile.
- It can be dyed very easily and can be combined with other types of fabric, to create fashionable garments in line with the latest trends.

To maintain eco-sustainability, we always prefer to use natural fibers to be combined with wool, to always create something unique while always respecting the environment.

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