Le sciarpe sono le migliori amiche di una ragazza

Scarves are a girl's best friend

scarves in wool

Is something missing in your outfit? Well, try adding a scarf! As a year-round accessory with incredible versatility, scarves are essential in every woman's wardrobe. And as the cold weather approaches, fashionable scarves are the perfect way to make your outfit unique and much warmer.

Malini's super soft scarves will soften your winter by wrapping around your neck or shoulders. When it rains, they are also super useful to cover your head and save your new haircut from moisture. Also, scarves are a handy item to have on the go-you can use them as a blanket when you're waiting at the airport to leave for your vacation. Have you ever thought of folding them to make a pillow?

You can easily spruce up your style with our comfortable and stylish scarves. Here are some tips on how to get the perfect match with your outfit! If you wear solid-colored garments, you can add a scarf with some pattern or even texture. If your outfit already has a pattern or print, you can choose a solid color scarf, with or without texture. You will definitely attract attention by matching the color of the scarf with something you are wearing in the outfit, so it will enhance the colors of the outfit itself. Play with colors and find the perfect match with your jackets, blazers, sweaters, coats, shoes or even your makeup. You can even wear it for a pop of color on your handbag!

wool scarf

There are several ways to wear a scarf, depending on your personal style. Malini offers a wide range of possibilities: our designs blend European and Indian styles, and our products are made using handcrafted weaving and dyeing techniques. Scarves come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. You can find long, short, large or oversize scarves, and in particular:

square scarves, which can also serve as a veil
rectangular scarves, which can be worn loose, looped or knotted in a variety of ways
shawls, perfect for adding a sophisticated and classy touch to your look.
In winter, materials range from lightweight cotton to silk to wool and a variety of mixed materials. For example, you can choose from our pure wool, wool and cotton or wool and silk scarves, depending on how thick and soft you like them.

Then you'll find different patterns to match the colors and style of your outfit: you can get plain, floral, paisley, print, stripe, polka dot and plaid scarves.

So what are you waiting for? Just make your choice from Malini's unique women's scarves!

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