Malini: la rivoluzione ecosostenibile nella moda

Malini: the eco-sustainable revolution in fashion

Malini is a clothing and accessories brand born from the idea of combining Eastern and Western craft traditions. In particular, it combines the fascinating culture of the Indian world and the expert refinement of Italian fashion to create a classy and elegant style, capable of being not only current but also eco-friendly.

A company with a cosmopolitan personality, characterized by the founder's maternal roots from India, able to merge with those of his Italian father: the right combination to give rise to an eclectic and original trend.

Thus was born a brand that has earned the trust of its audience, making its way in a territory where the aesthetic aspect turns out to be important to show its interiority as well.

In small steps Malini has created a line that is far from following the rules imposed by fashion but very close to the idea of showing different choices, capable of displaying a well-defined cultural identity while being unique.

An eco-sustainable vision in Malini's eclectic vibrancy

Each fabric selected by us tells a story, full of vibrant colors and eclectic style, becoming a fascinating adventure between different cultures. All embraced by the energy radiating from India, which, with traditional craftsmanship techniques, manages to endure in the age of global industrialization. This is the starting point of our values and principles that aim at solidarity.

Our desire is to maintain the respect and level of trust with both suppliers and the public, with those healthy relationships that bind our brand to the makers, in a chain of solidarity where we are able to support each other.

Heading toward what is ethical, returning to the real things are the only actions that can truly excite us. That is why we are driven to support handmade and what is authentic, valuing the human aspects, supporting a world where craftsmanship and the human being are the focus.

Our goal from the beginning has been to not only spread made in Italy or made in India but to have total eco solidarity fashion where ethical aspects are not utopias but represent the reality of made by Malini.

We are committed to maintaining small, consistent, quality productions so as to support small artisans and their supply chain that suffers greatly from over-industrialization.

The how is quickly explained: creating clothing, apparel and accessories marked by uniqueness, far removed from the mass-produced products of fast fashion.

There are many who think that ethical fashion is difficult to achieve without moving away from exploitation and pollution.
For us, every fabric and print has a soul because it is made with the unique attention and patience of artisans who live in their local area.We prefer to have reduced production, respecting people and in favor of quality. Encouraging environmentally sustainable fashion is for us the real future of ethical clothing and its accessories.

Cross-cultural fashion as a mission

With these assumptions, Malini's mission is purely ethical and eco-sustainable, open to interculturalism as a valuable form of maintaining the tradition of two different worlds, India and Italy, with timeless clothing and accessories that are far from fashionable but close.

Very often we wonder where to buy ethical clothing for everyday life and for big occasions. Malini is the right answer, capable of being the alternative to traditional fashion, fully respecting workers and the environment.

For us, ethical fashion is a business choice that we decided to embrace as a result of consumer demand, increasingly sensitive to dramatic events in various parts of the world and information campaigns by environmental associations.

We are very close to an active philosophy capable of detoxifying the world from the high price paid by the many exploited workers and the environment battered by excessive global pollution. Today, we are increasingly close to those who demand tangible commitments from brands to reverse course for the health of the planet.
Malini readily responds to the demands of living in a reality that is completely respectful of every living being.

Clothing born in the ideal of ethical living.

We are ready to use technological research and new production chains to enhance true craftsmanship, making it discoverable everywhere in the world, so as to support even small realities.

Our methodology is easily applicable to bring the Malini brand to be truly eco-friendly:

  • we use high-quality materials, identified through the constant selection of the most environmentally sustainable ones;
  • we prefer 100% natural materials such as cotton, wool, linen and silk, without neglecting research ready to identify bamboo and hemp as innovative elements for our collections.
  • we respect the timing of craftsmanship to maximize the quality of the products;
  • we aim for minimal production, so as to ensure that artisans have adequate and human-scale production capacity;
  • we consider it an advantage to make exclusive products for our fine collections;
  • we use all leftovers and scraps to produce exclusive clothing, enhancing each type of accessory.

These are small gestures but capable of fostering relationships among family members, not forcing workers, who are real people, to stay locked up for days at a time in factory sheds, avoiding all waste and fighting pollution.

In this way, we have established ourselves as a clothing and accessories brand born from the idea of combining Eastern and Western craft traditions. Malini is truly able to combine the fascinating culture of the Indian world and the skillful refinements of Italian fashion to create a classy and elegant style that is not only current but also environmentally sustainable. Encouraging ethical fashion is, for us, the real future of clothing and accessories that are always eco-sustainable but valuable and unique.

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