Perche abbiamo creato Malini?

Why did we create Malini?

Beyond the brand's origin story, to the inspiration, to the idea, there is a WHY that drove us to create Malini, a very strong WHY, in fact more than one!
This "WHY " was also created by our past,
we initially before we created our Malini brand, we were suppliers, we produced for third parties.
We used to supply several very important and prestigious fashion houses.
In the environment we were also quite well known but we were always in the background.
We were in high demand because we could offer a unique product, different from the usual standardized factory product.
We can also say that we were quite successful, we worked for dream fashion houses and we could see our creations in fashion shows, in the store windows of luxury streets all over the world, it was all very exciting, stimulating and rewarding.
As time went on, we understood more and more about the business of fashion, the so-called"Fashion System."
We did not follow a course of study in the fashion industry we learned everything in the field.
Fashion is a fascinating world but it is very sick And it is for this reason, that we decided to detach ourselves as contract manufacturers and try WE TO BE THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE IN THE FASHION WORLD.

Our "WHY " for points:

TIME: The strongest push was and still is the. sense of freedom.
Following the timing of fashion makes absolutely no sense to us.
The fashion system, its sclerotic timelines, make no sense to us. Following these tight schedules with constant deadlines, it's nonsensical. WE follow the timing of artisans and their creativity.
Often in the past when we produced for third parties, a lot of handcrafted work was discarded, not because it was not beautiful, but because it took so long to make.
This reason was a drama for us, discarding beauty, creativity, uniqueness
because you couldn't produce it in time, and it was better to make them with an automatic or digital machine.
We in MALINI try to make most of the creations with manual and artisanal processes.
For us, the longer it takes to do this the more it has value, but most importantly it means there will be more soul in our creations because they are made by a human being.

WASTE: As production times speed up, hand in hand there is also an exponential increase in wasted raw materials.
They are being made Overproduction just to fill stores, without there really being a demand behind it.
We often saw productions of thousands of pieces distributed in various stores with attached marketing campaigns that enticed superfluous, unnecessary and completely stupid consumerism.
Sometimes even ugly creations (then it depends on personal taste, we don't want to be arrogant and judgmental) created solely to provoke, to make a scene, to create a stir.
This was another signal that enticed us to create Malini.
Our productions are limited and created to have a useful and lasting use over time.
We produce just what we can sell and produce.
We pay the right price, we contract, but we don't stifle artisans.
Thanks to craftsmanship, we have discovered ZERO waste., trust us, every piece of fabric, every thread, is not wasted, the true craftsman does not throw anything away, keeps it, because it can always create something.
Productions are also limited because they are made by human beings not machines.

arigiani indiani

CULTURAL ETHICS: In our past collaborations, fashion houses always asked us about the working conditions of our artisans, to take care that there is no child exploitation and that the environment is safe.
Of course these are very important points, but at the same time it's the fashion system itself that has created these conditions.
Many industries want to standardize jobs make everything like the Western system. This is because the Western system is thought to be the safest, fairest and most correct system to employ people and make them work safely.
But we disagree, we try to respect the working culture of a country give fair compensation to artisans and allow them to keep their art and tradition alive.
It's important for the artisan to be with their family and not be forced to leave their villages, they want to follow their traditional customs to have environments that reflect their spirit, their culture.
We don't impose our culture, we don't tell them they have to build concrete sheds, put up automatic looms, sit on a desk and wear a white coat.
For us, respecting their culture and especially their way of working is paramount.
If their tradition is to embroider sitting on the floor in a circle, singing songs and wearing colorful clothes, it is only right that they keep these traditions!

PLASTIC FREE: The amount of harmful plastic that is used in the fashion industry is something absurd.
We let's try to be100% plastic free.
We admit in the past we too have made many mistakes including using plastic packaging, and synthetic fabric, but by making mistakes we learn, and now we can boast of being 100%plastic free.
In the future we would also like to create a movement for ban the use of polyester or any other petroleum derivatives for the creation of fabrics and yarns.
The amount of polyester/nylon/plastic that is used in the fashion industry is exorbitant and terrifying.
The great thing is that it's only used for one reason-it's cheap.
All the clothes you see filled with rhinestones/pearls/adornments are 100% plastic.
We really like Hollywood and we think the night of the Oscars is magical,
but most of the dresses are 100% plastic is absurd.
Besides being very harmful to humans and harmful to the environment they are dangerous!
Have you ever seen what happens to a fleece sweatshirt(100%polyester) near the fire? it's like wearing a gasoline pour, and what happens to the gasoline if you go near the fire? (boom)

PROF IT: Yes we say it clearly. we want to show that being environmentally sustainable, fair trade is very profitable!
In fact it is the most profitable system.
If our Malini brand manages to get enough visibility and notoriety that we can show the fashion giants that our way of working makes more money, while saving the planet, there will be a colossal turnaround, all the groups will change direction and especially change marketing.
It will be the end of dastardly and senseless mass consumerism, it will be the end of the ultra-fast fashion model (SHEIN case)
And this will only be possible thanks to our customers, yes thanks to you!
To you who are here reading!
You if you want can be the change!
Write us your advice your ideas, follow us on social, be our amplifier!

As we mentioned to you before, we didn't study fashion or take any courses in the fashion industry, and maybe this has been a great competitive advantage for us. We have not had indoctrination that could limit us, that could clip the wings of our ideas.
We are simply curious, we experiment, we look, we apply. We try to create the beautiful (It always depends on taste) we don't try to provoke, we try to Activate neurons through stimulation of the senses:
Sight with bright colors, contrasts and imaginative prints,
Touch with natural materials and handcrafted textures intricate
Smell when you come to our events we always light scented incense,
Hearing we explain the history and techniques of our garments and accessories.

This is our WHY., what has driven us to get here and what will still carry us forward in time, because we don't just want to be a name above a label, we want to be the change in the fashion industry!

To learn about the history of the brand click HERE

To find out about our environmentally sustainable actions click HERE

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