Perché usare la lana durante il periodo invernale?

Why use wool during the winter period?

lana fibra wool fabric

Wool boasts some unique characteristics that synthetic materials cannot match.
In recent years, this beautiful material has taken a bit of a back seat in favor of acrylic, polyester and other fabrics composed mainly of nylon and other petroleum derivatives.
One of Malini's main staples is to use mainly and only natural fibers such as precisely wool

In fact, wool, when not chemically treated, is Very soft in contact with the skin, as it is rich in lanolin.
This is a kind of wax produced by sheep grazing in the open air. During lactation, lanolin is even used as a breast soother.

Why use wool during the winter period

Many people do not know that wool offers high thermoregulation capacity, a peculiarity that synthetic fabrics do not have. It can therefore Keep well warm without making people sweat or break out in heat when the sun comes in.

After all, our seasons are becoming more and more climatically uncertain, and wearing something made of wool means being able to count on maximum comfort, even during days when there are frequent temperature changes.

In short, wool absolutely proves to be the winning choice compared to many other options, as it manages to dissipate excessive heat outside and not to suffer from excessive cold.

Wool: inseparable ally for always being impeccable

Thanks to wool, one is able to make many garments and many accessories to best complement all kinds of outfits.
Worth mentioning in this regard are the handcrafted wool scarves from us.

Unlike ordinary scarves, these proposals are printed and embroidered by hand, using indian craft techniques.
One of the great strengths of the available models is precisely the style of the prints, as well as the taste of creations that turn out to be a perfect mix of East and West.

Each scarf is ultimately very easy to match, partly because it is the product of traditional Indian workmanship.
Customers who choose Malini scarves can count on something unique, exclusive, to be sported on any occasion with the confidence that you will always look flawless.

To learn more about how essential it is using only natural fibers go read our article: The importance of natural fibers and eco-sustainability

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