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Timeless accessory

Don't you have a scarf or shawl inside your closet?!?
Know that something is missing from your wardrobe! But more importantly to your outfit!

sciarpa scialle in lana

The scarf is a very simple accessory but one that can really make a difference and dramatically change your look.
In theory we are talking about a simple band of fabric to be worn around the neck, useful for sheltering yourself from the cold and giving a touch of color and elegance to your look.

, the scarf or shawl is considered an accessory very versatile, often even indispensable.
It is possible to create a scarf from different types of fabrics, with many different shades of color and different purposes of use.
Scarves and shawls are not just for covering oneself from the cold, for example, if we create a scarf or shawl from cotton it can be useful for covering one's head from the sun or by wrapping it around the body it can be a sarong sarong style cover-up.

Times and fashions change evolve, the scarf is something that has remained constant over time, it has always managed to be trendy, give an extra touch to any look and is used for different occasions.
It is appreciated by the extravagant and worldly youth because it is an eclectic, trendy accessory or to have a classic and refined elegance and a more practical use, such as shelter from the wind and protect yourself from the cold.

The scarf or shawl has the ability to meet two very specific needs:
- To make the person more elegant, refined and trendy.
- Being useful to have extra protection against bad weather and cold temperatures.
All this without neglecting comfort, style and the sweet feeling of being wrapped in a warm embrace.

Timeless accessory to collect

sciarpa scialle lana

The use of scarves and shawls due to their mix of traditions, cultures and workmanship manage to create something timeless that will never go out of fashion because it is one of a kind and will be forever.
Do not confuse this accessory as a superfluous futile item with a shelf life limited to passing fads.
The scarf or shawl is an accessory that can last for generations!
Some scarves made by us are already passed down from parents to their children and sometimes even become collector's items because they gain value over time!

Our collections being made manually by expert craftsmen are produced in limited quantities, so they become very rare and coveted.
They are collectible because they are also made with unique craft techniques thus becoming rare fashion accessories.
Of course in order to make sure that our creations have a long life. we are very careful to use natural and quality materials.

To find out more about what fibers we use we suggest reading this article of ours: The importance of natural fibers and eco-sustainability.

To give additional value and durability to our scarves we work only with experienced craftsmen, who are able to Conveying their soul in the textures of the fabric.
Thanks to our selection of colors, dyes, and craftsmanship we are able to Making the beauty of our timeless accessories timeless.

Avoiding waste without neglecting style and elegance.

sciarpa scialle lana

Let's also look at the practical side of the scarf and shawl, we have mentioned that they are of great help to make one's look more appropriate for different occasions and that is precisely why it allows us to avoid waste!
But what does it mean that allows us to avoid waste?
Thanks to the scarf or a wide shawl there isno need to invest in additional garments because it can make drab looks more attractive, sophisticated and avoid buying other unnecessary clothing items that will probably only be used once. This also prevents overproduction and the excess of consumerism that is becoming the problem in fashion and the world.

Stylish, comfortable and useful!
One aspect that is sometimes little mentioned and underestimated is comfort!
Scarves and shawls take up very little space when folded properly.
It is Easy and quick to put on and put away in your bag if you are in a hurry.
The scarf or shawl can be pulled out at the occasion and make it the star of your look!

It's math!
Bright colors + Oriental prints + European flair = Spectacular looks
This is the equation that makes our creations unique!
Come and see for yourself the collection Scarves & Shawls

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