The Modern Shabby Chic

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Ready to add shabby couture to your wardrobe?

The shabby chic style originated in Britain, after the world wars and it emphasizes the character and beauty found in imperfection. It combines components of the comfortable cottage style with elements of the French and Victorian country styles to construct a look that's both elegant and timeless.

Though originally a décor style, the shabby chic style has found its way into the world of fashion, where we blend vintage-inspired pieces with modern couture for a shabby yet chic style. We aim for a style that's both classic & pulled together and to master you have to ignore what's trendy and go for clothes that are as stunning now as they’ll be 10 years.

Take a look at our five modern takes on the shabby chic style.

The Layered Look

A lot of the charm of shabby chic look comes from in finding beauty in imperfection and appreciating the past. Nowhere is this better illustrated than in layered looking clothes Pair this vintage inspired sleeveless dress with wide collar made with cotton voil with a frilly cardigans or crocheted vest then top off the entire outfit with a delicate silk or cashmere scarf to create an elegant, timeless outfit.

Floral Fabrics

When it comes to shabby style, you can't go wrong with florals. From the delicate fleur de lys to dusty pink roses, floral prints in washed-out, muted shades look chic and feminine, not overly-polished or fussy. Try adding this floral accents to style for a timeless, feminine style that's oh-so-chic.

jacket blazer summer shabby chic


Free Flowing

Just like a "shabby chic" home is designed with function and comfort in mind, your clothes should also capture this comfortable, unstructured feel. Choose sheer, lightweight fabrics that move with you and create a romantic, ethereal look. Think peasant shirts with flowing sleeves, long tunics and gypsy tops & skirts. If you want to to add some structure, try cinching your waist with a simple scarf or belt.

Feminine Frills

Flirty touches like tucking, ruching or smocking lend a romantic appeal to a simple dress or skirt, allowing them to drape beautifully over the body. Give cardigans and tops structure by adding a soft ribbon belt tied in a bow or try this dress with a delicate ribbon tie at the neckline, or

For the ultimate in shabby, feminine frills look for skirts adorned with ribbons or pieces with lace collars.

Soft, Muted Colors

The shabby chic style emphasizes pastels, neutrals and soft colors. Skip dark or bold colors and look for fabrics in shades like faded gray, white, cream, ivory, and pastels such as celadon green or robin's egg blue or for a timeless yet classic look.

Mixing and matching colors and patterns is a great way to style shabby chic too. Just go with a muted color scheme with patterns that don’t clash. So go ahead and pair your paisley and polka dots or florals and stripes for a very shabby chic look!

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