Shipments, refunds & change

Here is where you can find all the information necessary for the shipping, for the refunds and for the exchange of the goods (same article).

These methods are valid for all the products that you purchased on our website.

Obviously, for any kind of questions or doubts, please write to:
We will be happy to answer you.

Shipping Costs:
ITALY shipping is free.

EUROPE free shipping if you order 100€ or more, under 100€ order the shipping costs €17

UNITED STATES free shipping if you order 100€ or more, under 100€ order the shipping costs €25

REST OF THE WORLDfree shipping if you order 200€ or more, under 200€ order the shipping costs €30

For more informations or questions our customer service is at your disposal:

Return or goods exchange:
We follow you and explain how to do it step by step don't worry is simple we don't want to make your life difficult.

The return or exchange of the same item purchased (if available) is completely free, but only and no later than 14 days after receipt of the package (The date of receipt is the date issued and recorded as delivered by the courier)

Any return or exchange of the same item will only occur:

- after receiving the package at our warehouse:

 M.S.D - Via Dei Pestagalli, 27 - 20138 Milan - Italy

- after verification of the contents by our staff.

Our staff will check if the products have been returned in good condition, so if any damage, wear or maltreatment will be found, no refund or exchange will be made.

If the product is not possible to sell it again for the reasons mentioned above, no refund or exchange will be made.

The exchange of goods will be made only for the same item purchased, if available in stock, otherwise we will issue a refund. The exchange can be done only once for free, the subsequent ones will not be free.

Also the refund is completely free!

The refund will be made in the same way of receiving the payment so if you have made the payment with Paypal we will issue the refund via Paypal.

For more informations or questions our customer service is at your disposal:

Shipping methods.
Our items are shipped only via national / international express courier.
This service allows us to provide you with a tracking code \ tracking number for your purchase.

Your purchase is traceable on the website of the courier we use or on the purchase email that we will send to you for each purchase.

Example: if the DHL courier is used we will provide you with the DHL courier \ tracking number

This code \ tracking number can also be used on the courier's website or by calling the courier's customer service, keeping the code \ tracking number at hand.

We are not responsible for any delays or non-compliance after shipment of the package.

Once your purchase has been entrusted to the courier, the responsibility will be of the courier.

Especially during holidays or big events like Christmas, New Year etc. delays can occur due to the large amount of goods traffic. We recommend anticipating purchases to avoid delays.

Obviously we will do our best to ensure that the courier is coordinated with you as efficiently as possible so we will never leave you alone under any circumstances and will do our best to help you.

delivery times:
Italy: 1\2 days
Europe: 3/4 days
United States: 3\4 days
Rest of the world: 5/6 days

How to proceed for the return or exchange (of the same article)?
If you want to make or change (the same article) no problem, follow these simple instructions:

1. Send an email to, in the subject of the email, put the purchase number or otherwise write us from the same email with which you made the purchase on the site.

Write us your motivation and how you want to proceed: Return or change.
It is important to tell us all the details that have to be reported to the courier:
time - morning / afternoon - telephone number - address

2.Properly put the item back in the same packaging that you received it if you can or otherwise use a similar cardboard box, making sure it is a solid and not too bulky box.

3.Our customer service will send you an email with a sheet attached in PDF format that you will have to print and apply \ paste on the closed parcel .
Position the sheet visibly in such a way that the barcode is readable.

4.The courier will come to pick up the parcel in the next 24 hours.
Sometimes it is the courier himself who will contact you to coordinate directly with you.

5.As soon as our warehouse receives the package and the inspection staff will give approval, we will take care of your request for return or exchange - the repayment or exchange times vary but we will keep you constantly informed.

delivery instruction
Why there is not a phone number?
The shipping, return and exchange service is only possible true email in order to have a clear and accurate history of the messages between our customer service and you.