Malini: an ancient history that mixes western style with Indian tradition

I remember my grandmother Malini's paintings. And I remember the fresh smell of Indian jasmine, which she loved to weave in her hair. I remember her aromatic plants and her passion for flowers. And I remember her endless collection of jewels, fabrics and embroidery.

My grandmother always had an artist spirit: she painted, drew and invented new dishes. She was also passionate about furniture, fashion and gardening. In short, she was a true eclectic woman.

And that's why I chose to honor her memory. I chose to give my brand the name of my grandmother. And I did it with extreme joy.
She represent 100% the philosophy of Malini.
Malini is curious and loves letting herself be carried away by change, while still keeping her identity clear. A multiculturalism that does not follow fixed schemes or rules. Rather, it follows instinct, passions.

Malini: an ancient history that mixes western style with Indian tradition
In our family, art has always filled our days. My mother also followed my grandmother Malini's footsteps with curiosity and admiration.
She has taken so much from her, especially her passion for fashion. Today, in fact, it is my mother, with her inspiration, who designs our clothes and accessories, drawing inspiration from everything that surrounds her, from everything that attracts her eyes.
What does it mean? To understand it, I have to tell you a little about his life and how, 40 years ago, thanks to love, she decided to move to Milan and marry Giorgio, my father.
Living in the fashion capital, as you can imagine, has influenced, stimulated and inspired a lot. So much as to encourage her to cultivate her passion for fashion and design.
And do you know what happens if you mix Indian tradition with Made in Italy? A brand is born that aims to unify the various Indian craft disciplines with western design. A mix of colors, shapes, metals, delicate and light fabrics ... Sometimes, even dreamy.

The way we work
I told you about my family and how important India is for us and our brand. The manufacturing process of each of our garments or accessories, in fact, follows some fundamental steps for us.
The work begins in the workshop of my mother Rajini, where, with imagination and sensitivity, she draws in total harmony.
My mother Rajini also chooses the materials, fabrics and type of work that must be used to make prints and decorations.
And it is only at this point, when the project is completed, that his drawings reach our artisans all over India, where all the magic begins.
I don't know if you know the ancient Indian techniques of weaving and manufacturing, but you will be amazed to discover that every seam, every print and every little detail is the result of a millenary tradition, handed down from generation to generation.

At Malini we want to give you a pinch of our culture, pamper you with the lightness of our clothes and embellish you with the originality of our accessories. What are you waiting for?