Shawl, wool and cotton scarf - SEA

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Made of 50% pure wool and 50% pure cotton

Size 100x200 Centimeter

For this stole we are inspired by the weaves of the sea when they crush against the stones, and we add white stripes to create the striped effect.

This stole is very large in size and has a very soft touch, and this is thanks to the cotton that makes the stole fall nicely on the shape of your body.

The design is very simple but at the same time it has a very intricate weave on all four sides the stole has fringe to give it a frilly touch

This accessory is ideal for an elegant evening or even when you take a nice walk on the waterfront protecting you from the cold of the sea

Easy to carry around and very useful to keep you warm anywhere.

Wearing it as a shawl will make your look more elegant and classy.

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